A tour to Bohol is never complete without seeing these amazing animals. They are the smallest primates in the whole world if not the Universe. They are the rarest of the primates and they have found a habitat somewhere in the paradise island of Bohol. These primates are prey to Owls and other bigger predators in the wild and once poached or captivated. Now, their population is getting smaller and the Bohol Tarsiers are considered to be endangered. Thus with the initiative of the local government of Bohol they have created a Sanctuary for these little creatures, the Bohol Tarsiers. The sanctuary is in Corella Bohol. The place is open to tourists for viewing and picture taking the rare tarsiers of Bohol.

Bohol Tarsiers

So, this Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary was built to protect the Bohol tarsiers and to allow them to breed, it is also made to breed this rare creatures. The sanctuary is located exactly 4 kilometers from the town center of corella and 20 minutes drive from Tagbilaran City. The sanctuary is maintained by a non-profit organization named Philippine Tarsier Foundation.

Bohol Tarsiersbohol tarsiers

Here you can view these Bohol Tarsiers in their natural habitat and their living ways. You have to travel and go inside deep forest with thick vegetations. Inside the forest(sanctuary), you need to be very silent so us not to disturb and drive the Bohol Tarsiers away. They are usually seen resting on trees, behind leaves or in branches. When they are disturbed they move away sometimes even jumping from tree to tree using their long limbs and arms. These tarsiers are really calm creatures, you would easily fall in love with them, but the sanctuary does not allow contact with these beautiful and rare creatures.


For tourists, the sanctuary provides complex/room. It has a reception area, exhibit area, audio visual room, CR’s and a cafeteria. The tour would start here where tourists are briefed as to what path they should follow and what they should do to find the Bohol Tarsiers.

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Bohol tarsiers

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Bohol Tarsier’s Sanctuary

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