Japan Princess Postpones Wedding due to immaturity – Give Up Royal Title

Japan’s Princess ako made headlines when she decided to give up her royal status to marry her college seetheart, Kei Komuro, last year. but now, the fairy tale has hit a snag, as the couple announced that they are postponing their wedding due to “immaturity”.

princess maco
FILE – In this Nov. 3, 2011, file photo, Japan’s Prince Hisahito, wearing a traditional ceremonial attire, is accompanied by his parents, Prince Akishino, Princess Kiko, his sisters Princess Mako, left, and Princess Kako, right, after attending “Chakko-no-gi” ceremony to celebrate his growth and the passage from infancy to childhood, at the Akasaka imperial estate in Tokyo. Princess Mako, the granddaughter of Emperor Akihito, is getting married to an ocean lover who can ski, play the violin and cook, according to public broadcaster NHK TV. The Imperial Household Agency declined to confirm the report Tuesday, May 16, 2017. (AP Photo/Issei Kato, Pool, File)

Here are things to know about Princess Mako and her weird romance:

1. She is a member of the Japanese Imperial Family.
Born on Oct. 23, 1991, Princess Mako is the eldest daughter of Prince Akishino and granddaughter of Emperor Akihito. She gave up her royal status when she fell in love with a commoner named Komuro. The law in Japan requires a princess to “leave the imperial family upon marriage to a commoner”.

2. She met Kei Komuro a commoner when she studied abroad.
The two met while Princess Mako was attending a study-abroad event. They met in a restaurant in Shibuya – a district in Tokyo about six years ago.

3. Mako was unable to inherit the throne.
Mako will be considered a commoner once she marries Komuro. Her chances to ascend to the Chrysanthemum throne since the position is only passed to male heirs. And in the current imperial family, only three males are left. It is expected that Crowned Prince Naruhito (Mako’s uncle) will succeed Emperor Akihito.

4. Her aunt also gave up her royal status for love.
Sayako Kuroda, princess Mako’s aunt also decided to give up her royal status when she fell in love to Yoshiki Kuroda – a commoner. The two wed in 2005 and since then she left her royal title.

5. Rumors is that Princess Mako’s marriage has been postponed over Komuro’s student loan debt
The sudden announcement of Mako’s marriage postponement followed weeks of tabloid reports of a financeal dispute between Komuro’s mother and her former fiance over komuro’s college tuition, which was paid for by the mother’s former partner and wasn’t paid back.

Imperial Household Agency official Takaharu Kachi, however, denied any link between the two. “The postponement is not because of the influence of the weekly magazine reports,” Kachi said. “Their intention to get married is unchanged.”

princess maco

The princess said she has reported the postponement to Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, who have shown respect for their decision.

“Last May, there had been reports about our engagement at an unexpected time,” she said. “We believe we have rushed various things.”

“I wish to think about marriage more deeply and concretely and give sufficient time to prepare our marriage and for after the marriage,” the princess said.

6. The wedding is still on
Princess Mako said she wants to postpone the marriage and other related occasions until 2020, after a “series of ceremonies important for the imperial family have ended smoothly,” in an apparent reference to Emperor Akihito’s abdication on April 30, 2019 and accession to the throne the following day by Crown Prince Naruhito.

On the postponement the princess said, “It is because of our immaturity and we just regret it.”

“We feel extremely sorry for causing great trouble and further burden to those who have willingly supported us,” she said.

Following the announcement of the postponement, Princess Mako and Komuro remained silent on Tuesday evening, not responding to questions posed by media, who gathered in front of the Akasaka Estate, residence of the princess, and around the building of the law firm Komuro works for in the capital.

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Japan Princess Postpones Wedding because of Immaturity

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