The best day tour package for Cebu South is here. Oslob Whale Shark Watching and Snorkeling ( Oslob whale tour ), Sumilon Island sandbar and Kawasan Falls Canyoneering, all in a day’s tour of fun and adventure. Book you tour here OSLOB WHALE/TUMALOG/SUMILON

Oslob whale Sumilon island Kawasan Canyoneering

The tour ( Oslob whale tour ) starts in the wee hours about 3:15AM in the morning. The sun is still sleeping, but you will be picked up by our best driver guides. A day before the Oslob whale tour we will be communicating with you through email or best through local contact numbers ( mobile no.). We will inform your group the driver name and vehicle plate number. We will also be reminding your group of things to bring during the tour. Likewise we will be asking you the exact location where we are going to pick you up including addresses and hotel names and room numbers. During pick-up our driver will inquire for you if needed and sometimes will bring big signs with our guests names for identification. Then it is time for the Oslob whale tour.

Oslob whale tours

First stop Oslob Whale Shark watching and snorkeling. Upon arrival in Oslob the guests will be given time for their breakfast. About 6:15AM will be the start of the whale shark activity. Our driver guide will bring you to the launching location for the whale watching and prepare/transact all payments for your adventure. You will only have to prepare yourself ( gears and swimming attire ). You will then be transported through a banca (small boat ) that fits about 8 people. After about 10minutes of banca ride you will arrive where the whale sharks and you will start your fun. You will be allowed to snorkel and swim with the whale shark. We would suggest that you ask the boatman serving you to take pictures using your underwater camera since they are well experience in doing that. I would suggest also that you give them a tip(cash) for the service. Whale watching is limited to only 30 mins. Since there are other guests that would also like to watch and swim with the great Oslob whale shark. After the event you be taken back to the shore around 7:30AM.

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Next stop will be the beautiful sumilon Island sandbar.  You will be taken by your assigned driver to the landing area for Sumilon Island where the boat will be waiting. When you reach the point you will be transported via a pumpboat good for about 20 persons. The ride to Sumilon island will take around 15 to 20 minutes. You will be given life vests during the travel. Once you reach the island of Sumilon you will be amazed by the beautiful white sandbar. You can swim and enjoy the amazing place best for selfies. I would suggest that you relax and just bask in the beautiful sand and clear blue waters of Sumilon Island. Note that the package does not include entrance to Sumilon Resort. About 10:00 you will be headed back to the main land.


Sumilon Island
Enjoying the beautiful white sands of Sumilon Island.

Last Stop will be the most adventurous activity of the package. Kawasan Falls Canyoneering. You will arrive at Kawasan area around 11:30AM and you will take your lunch. There are lots of food houses within the area that you can choose from, depending on your budget.  You ask your driver guide to help and assist you. Around 12:00NN you will arrive at the Kawasan Canyoneering briefing site and from there you will be sent through motorbike on the jump point of the Kawasan Falls Canyoneering. It will be a very physical activity but of so much fun. Lots of jumps, crawls, slippery stones, bridges and swimming through canyons. The tallest is about 65 feet tall cliff but you don’t need to jump If you don’t want to. But at the end of the tour you will be fearless enough and have beaten lots of odds.

Kawasn Canyoneering
Enjoying the canyoneering adventure in Kawasan Falls


A truly once in a lifetime experience.

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Oslob whale tour, Sumilon Island and Kawasan Falls Canyoneering tour package

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